Sofia Zakia

Worry Doll gemstone pendant Necklaces


The idea behind Sofia Zakia's worry doll collection is a cultural tradition of Guatemala that help people sleep peacefully. Legend has it that when worrying keeps one awake, simply whisper your worries to your dolls and they will whisk them away!



14k solid gold

Gemstones or diamonds

Measures: approx 15mm x 19mm


Which Worry Doll is best for you?

IX Worry Doll: named after the Mayan goddess, features a dress of rubies, sapphires and diamonds, and embodies good luck and good fortune.Her dress is adorned with 4 pink sapphires, 3 diamonds and 3 rubies

IQ Worry Doll: named after the Mayan spirit of the air, features an embroidered wrap and a diamond on their forehead just under a little scarf. Iq embodies happiness and bliss. Their forehead is set with a tiny diamond

Ajpu Worry Doll : named after the Mayan spirit of the sun, features a mind, body and tiny tunic of rainbow gemstones. He embodies protection and strength and has each of his chakra points filled by a powerful precious stone. His body is adorned with sapphires (blue, yellow, orange), topaz, emerald, and ruby.

Noj Worry Doll:  named after the Mayan spirit, features a sapphire-encrusted tunic and a diamond on his forehead, and embodies peace and tranquility.His tunic is adorned with 2 sapphires and a London blue topaz. His mind is set with a tiny diamond


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