Celine Daoust

Multi Tourmaline with champagne diamond necklace


Handcrafted by Celine Daoust this beautiful necklace is set with five hand selected green tourmaline gemstones and six rose cut champagne diamonds. The stones are choosen for their healing properties and energy. The small inclusions in the stones tells a story or the stones journey and makes it all the more unqiue and special.



✦ 14k solid gold

✦ Tourmaline and champagne rose cut diamonds

✦ Chain is 16 inches (40cm) with an adjustment link at 14.5 (36cm) and 15.5 (38cm)

✦ Tourmaline stones measure 7-9mm

✦ One of a Kind piece


✦ Packaged in our premium velvet tassel jewelry case. This is also intended to be used as a travel jewlery box. Usually sold seperately on our webiste but we are including it here for this necklace.

✦ Final Sale






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